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A Turning Point

In this year of 2019 we are seeing signs that the global climate patterns are shifting in abig way. Polar Vortexes, Blizzard on the first day of summer, and temperatures not seenbefore The planet can only sustain this many people, if we all are participating in findingways to reduce humanity’s negative effects on the environment.

Nature is a very delicate balance of Air, Land, Water, Plants, Animals, Sea Life and Insects working together to keep the planet livable, for every breathing organism. The world faces human pressure from every imaginable angle. Deforestation, Over-Fishing,Plastic Pollution, and many other life-altering issues that require solutions.

We are at a Tipping Point, and as the caretakers of this planet, we could all do more tohelp the planet breathe.

A poll conducted in the United States in 2016 showed less than 45% of Americans identify themselves as environmentalists. This is a sad statistic, in a time when we needenvironmental concern to be of utmost importance. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s almost 80 % of Americans Identified themselves as Environmentalists.

No matter what any of us enjoy doing outdoors, a few elements are required as a startingpoint. Breathable Air, Clean Water, and a Temperature that is comfortable for us.We may take all of these things for granted, but all of them are changing before our very eyes. Heat Waves in the Arctic, 2019 was the Hottest July Globally ever recorded.Glaciers and Rainforests disappearing, and Sea Levels rising. This has been an Eden Planet, but it can also be turned into a desert if we let it.

All the animals and creatures that share our world are at risk. We all need to dosomething, to find new ways to help the world around us. Without Massive Participation on a Global Scale we will soon reach the point of no return. There areover 127 million households in the United States, and yet in the 45 years of the Certified Wildlife Habitat Program, their have been only 215,000 participants. We can do better.If just 10 Percent of the U.S. Households participated we could raise that number to wellover 1 Million households nationwide. Even without certification, every one of thesehouseholds could do something. Hang up a butterfly feeder, a bird feeder, ahummingbird feeder or a plant that attracts bees.

The impact on the Animal, Birds, Insects, and Environment could be staggering. It issomething that could be easily achieved right now. It could be done with no governmentinvolvement necessary, Lets all start working toward a more sustainable way of living.One that creates a better future for the children of tomorrow.