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Connectavision has transitioned several times over the years, and we have helpeda lot of people. The Vision has always been about working towards creation of amulti-dimensional website. There is a free local social services directory sharingover fifty categories of helpful resources available in the four counties that makeup the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington area. There are many aspects ofthis site, worthy of exploration. There are 3 playlists that offer hope for humanity,The Hopeful Herald and much more.

The Hopeful Herald is a newsletter that is about sharing hope and positive news,mixed with inspiring stories. The subscription is free, and the writers of eacharticle will be listed and links to the original posting will be included. The area Ilive is very Diverse, and this year 2019 I decided to make the site available in fourlanguages, to give more people usage of my site.

This year because of the alarming speed up of Climate Change I have sped up my timeline on development of the Earth on the Edge Section of this website. I livein a place called Happy Valley, on the edge of a forest. It is a magical place tolive. My girlfriend has created a yard, that is recognized as a certified wildlifehabitat. It is Bird and Bee friendly, we have Hummingbirds, Deer, Coyotes, Squirrels, and even have had cougar sightings.

This wonderful yard combined with my three Earth on the Edge projects, impactthe seven most important areas for mankind’s survival. Between the two of us, insome small way we have impacted the animals, the birds, and the bees. We havealso impacted the air quality, the temperature, the waterways, and the sea. It is onesmall step, that hopefully will inspire immediate action and lead to a better tomorrow for future generations..