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Connecting to the Community 
Connectavision originated from a need to help others.
Connectavision has transitioned over the years and I have helped a lot of people, by offering a hand up, not a hand out. 

Below are testimonials taken from those who have received assistance from Connnectavision. 

I've Made Some Mistakes In Life

  • I’ve made some mistakes in life and went through a program called Bridges to Change. I had just gotten out of jail and the program found me a job. The job was available to me, but I was told I would need a hard hat and some steel toed boots, and I had only three days to find them. I made several calls and I was getting frustrated because no one could help. When I contacted ConnectaVision, I was asked my shoe size. And lo and behold, I wore the same size as the person who answered the phone! He had just been laid off from a job a month earlier and was willing to give me his hard hat and boots. I have never been much of a believer in providence or faith, but it was a small miracle to me! Thanks to ConnectaVision for all the help.
    John C

I Relocated from Iraq

  • I have relocated from Iraq with my wife and three children. It has been a struggle to find success in a new country and very hard to find employment. ConnectaVision helped me get food, clothing and furniture. They even wrote a resume for me. They also provided transportation to the Department of human services to get financial assistance for my family. I am now employed at Home Depot and give much thanks to ConnectaVision for all the help. Moving to a new country can be very hard. It is wonderful to know that there are people out there who will help.
    Ismael & Sarah

I Broke My Eyeglasses

  • I broke my eyeglasses and had no way to replace them. I found some dead end leads on the Internet, but eventually came across ConnectaVision. ConnectaVision gave me a couple of places to contact, and the Lions Club paid for a new pair. Thanks to ConnectaVision, I can now see again.

Our House Had Just Burned Down

  • My husband, two daughters and I are starting over. When I contacted Connectavision, our house had just burned down a week earlier. We told them our immediate needs, and the very next day they brought us a food box, a vacuum, and some eating utensils. They delivered everything from Milwaukie – a nearly 50 mile round trip. I have never believed in angels, but Connectavision was an answer to this family’s prayers.

I Was Very Upset

  • A while back, my power steering developed a high pressure leak. I found out it would cost $180 to fix. I was very upset with nowhere to turn. Connectavision provided a loan that I was able to repay for $20 a week. They also provided a ride to work for the two days my car was being repaired. Connectavision really cares.
    Chad H.

I Had Recently Lost My Job

  • I had recently lost my job and got kicked out of my apartment. I had been using the internet at Hope Now ministries and the church is right next to it. I told Connectavision I had an interview coming up with a temp agency and needed a belt. They told me to wait right there and brought me a belt right away. Sometimes I don’t put much stock in churches, but Connectavision is the real deal.
    Jerry B.

I asked Connectavision for a reference

  • When a project I was working on neared completion, Connectavision wrote a resume for me and helped me post it on four different job search sites. They also sent me eight jobs to apply for. The resume helped me land a job in Milwaukie at a good paying job. I asked Connectavision for a reference, and they must have said good things to the temp agency because I got an interview and landed the job. I appreciate all your help.
    Steve K.

I am Homeless

  • I am homeless and have been trying to get off the street. When I talked to Connectavision, I told them that my backpack was falling apart and that I was worried about my bike being stolen. They bought me a lock and a second hand backpack. It is such a relief to go into a store and not worry about my bike. Connectavision has since written a resume for me and helped me get a cell phone. I have some job leads, some hope and life feels better.
    Vern V.

I Came Up Short

  • ConnectaVision found a gas hot water heater for us in only one day. They found one that cost $200 and told me to try to raise as much money I could, and when I came up short, they chipped in the last 20 dollars. They also found a way to get it delivered and installed for free. We are truly grateful for their time and effort.

My Family and I

  • Recently, my family was given the opportunity to experience a free family fun night at Pietro’s Pizza and video arcade because of generous efforts of ConnectaVision. We also went to the Portland Aquarium afterwards. ConnectaVision also provided us assistance with getting a food box delivered it to us, even going so far as to offer transportation to to the food pantry so we wouldn’t have to rely on public transit. My family and I have turned to ConnectaVision on many occasions – they have really helped us in our times of need!
    Stacey, Randy, Cody & Darren

I Was Facing Eviction

  • I found out about ConnectaVision through a friend’ Facebook page. I was facing eviction, went to the website and was directed to a couple of agencies that helped me raise some money towards back rent. I was also directed to a website on renter’s rights and was able to stay in my apartment and work out a payment plan. I am thankful for the help that they gave me
    Kim S.

I am 83 Years Old

  • I’m Leonard and I am 83 years old. I had recently placed my wife in a nursing home and my income was cut in half. I was low on food, my cell phone was cut off, and I was behind on my utility bills. ConnectaVision helped me get my cell phone turned on, helped me get 200 dollars paid on my utilities, and delivered a food box.. When I told ConnectaVision I wanted to pay my own way in life and would sell some of my woodwork projects to pay for my needs, they helped me sell some wishing wells and benches. ConnectaVision has restored my faith in my fellow man.

I Was Out of Pet Food

  • When I contacted Connectavision, I didn’t really need any help for myself, but I was out of pet food. Connectavison directed me to some resources where I was able to get some free pet food and some help getting shots for my dog.
    Wendy L.

I Was Looking For Some Help

  • I heard about Connectavision from Hope Now ministries. I was looking for some help to get some laundry done and was told about Connectavision’s Loads of Love program, where once a month they provide free soap and laundry service at a local laundromat. I went there and got three large loads done for free. It is so wonderful to have clean clothes.

I Am on A Lot Of Different Medications

  • I am on a lot of different medications. I do not have any medical coverage right now and some of my prescriptions are very hard to afford. I asked Connectavision for some prescription help and was directed to some resources I didn’t know about. Thank you for the help.

I Am A Recovering Alcoholic

  • My name is John and am a recovering alcoholic. About a year ago, I had to have my remaining teeth pulled out. I tried to find a program to help me pay for dentures and there just weren’t many resources available. Connectavison found a place that would accept half down and half when they were ready for around five hundred dollars. They even gave me a ride to three different appointments. Having new teeth has made a huge difference in my life. Being able to chew food again and smile makes me feel better about myself.