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The Why Behind

I remember it well, the day I first heard of the giant Plastic Patch in the Pacific Ocean. Plastic is about convenience and cost. The long term cost for convenience has proven to be very costly. Humanity is itself becoming very plastic. It is in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and it has entered the food chain.

At first I felt very helpless, but last year I decided to try to do something about it. Talking about the problem may be helpful, but seems to have had very little impact on the problem. It just seems like the world keeps on living, hoping the governments of the world will solve massive problems, that have been caused by are own indifference. A global unwillingness to reduce our own carbon footprints.

The Tributary Project impacted an entire ecosystem from Mollalla, Oregon to the Pacific Ocean. This Plastic Problem is out of control, and solving it will require the Global Population at large, to demand Plant-Based plastics that don’t harm the environment.

The time for talking has already passed. Action is what is required on a Massive Scale. I completed these projects in hopes to show what one person with passion and determination can accomplish in a short time. Imagine what could be accomplished if just ten percent of the world population (over 750 million people), joined together to help Mother Earth. The effects could slow down the catastrophic consequences that lie ahead if we do not take immediate action. The Tipping Point has been reached.

We are all responsible for the Explosion of Plastic by the choices we make daily. Manufacturers only produce what people are willing to buy. They tend to put profit first, and the planet suffers. There are options available that do not harm the environment. Although safer alternatives exist, they are expensive. The toxicity of plastic, is killing animals of the air, land, and sea. If the bees, trees and seas die, we are not far behind. It is time to make hard choices, a time for sacrifice by each of us on some level. The planet has been sending out dire warnings, that have gone largely ignored. The Cost of Convenience, is far too high. The cost is Life Itself.