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We each have within us a huge amount of untapped creative potential, a vast landscape of undiscovered inner creativity.

But how often in YOUR life do you truly unleash your creativity?

How often do you feel that you’re creating as naturally and fully as you’re able, where ideas and action all flows easily and freely?

It’s very likely that you’re not creating as often, or as fully, as you’d like to be.

So here are 7 simple ways you use to can tap into your inner creativity today:

1. Listen to yourself. What do you really want to create? Not what do you think you SHOULD be creating or what do your friends, family and colleagues think you should be creating, but what do YOU want to create? What creative project inside you burning to get out?

2. Give yourself time. If you’ve not written a novel before, how realistic is it to expect to write your first in a weekend? Give yourself time to learn, develop and have fun creating as you go. If you don’t enjoy your creativity, how motivated are you going to be to continue?

3. Find a creative environment. This can be a room where you live, a corner in a library or a bench in the local park. To give yourself the best chance to produce your best work, find somewhere you’re happy to create, and where the pressures and distractions around you are as few as possible.

4. Get yourself a cheerleader. No, not a young woman with pom poms. Find someone who will encourage and support you and your creative work. Who’s the most positive person you know? It doesn’t need to be someone else who creates like you do, just someone who’s going to be a great source of positive energy and consistent encouragement for you.

5. Break Creative Projects down into chunks. If you try to paint a complex and multi-layered picture in a couple hours it’s unlikely you’ll be very creative with all that pressure you’ve placed on yourself. Instead, go easy on yourself, set smaller, achievable targets on the way to your larger goal of finishing the creative project.

6. Reward yourself often. When you do good creative work, acknowledge what you’ve done and congratulate yourself. And not just every time you finish a major project but at all significant steps along the way. Just showing up willing to start creating each time is a great reason to celebrate.

7. Create a little each day. This tip is possibly more important than all the rest. The key to creating consistently rewarding and fulfilling work is to create a little each day. Fit it in your schedule every day – early in the morning, late at night, over your lunch – whatever time works for you. Stick to this for just 2 weeks and notice what an impact it starts to have on your creativity.

So there are 7 simple ways you can use to unleash your creativity, starting TODAY.

Pick one of them right now (at least!) and get creating!

Over time, the more different ways you try and the more you’re willing to experiment, the greater the positive impact on your creative life will be and the more you’ll naturally increase your creativity.

Good luck and happy creating…


© Copyright 2007 Dan Goodwin

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