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Newcomer Resources

Beaverton Hispanic Center
Organization: Beaverton Hispanic Center

The Beaverton Hispanic Center was formed to assist Latino immigrants living in the Beaverton and Western Multnomah County area with integration into American culture. We provide subsidized ESL classes independently and through collaboration with local companies, Spanish as a second language classes, computer classes, INEA Classes, Domestic Violence Prevention and Education presentations, and Gang, Drug, and Crime Prevention programs.

Address: 12555 SW 4th Street, #206, Portland OR
Telephone: (971) 249-2421
A Place for the French in Portland
Organization: A Place for the French in Portland
Social Service:
African Youth and Community
Organization: African Youth and Community
Social Service:
Asian Health & Services Center
Organization: Asian Health & Services Center
CAUSA Oregons Immigrant Rights Organization
Organization: CAUSA Oregons Immigrant Rights Organization
Social Service:
Emergency Support for Immigrants and Refugees
Organization: Emergency Support for Immigrants and Refugees
Social Service:
German Society of Portland
Organization: German Society of Portland
Social Service:
Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber
Organization: Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Organization: Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Our Mission: We empower Latino families with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education, while providing scholarships and support services to as many exceptional Hispanic American students as possible.

Immigrant Services and Empowerment
Organization: Immigrant Services and Empowerment