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Clark County

Clark County Crisis Line
Organization: Clark County Crisis Line
Social Service:

Clark County Crisis Line
The Clark County Crisis Line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide phone triage for crisis calls from children and adults. Professional counselors will answer your call.

Clark County Crisis Services
Services include evaluation and referral to community outpatient and inpatient service delivery systems as well as community supports, including peer support counselors and consumer advocacy organizations. Designated Mental Health Professionals (DMHP) may also initiate 72-hour involuntary holds on those persons deemed a high risk to harm themselves or others, or who cannot provide for their own safety and welfare as a result of being gravely disabled.

Telephone: (800) 626-8137 or (360) 696-9560 or TTY : #711
One Life
Organization: One Life
Social Service: ,

The One Life food pantry has been serving clients in Clark County for over 11 years. We are members of the Oregon Food Bank, the Clark County Food Bank as well as participants in the Washington Emergency Food Assistance Program. We provide, once a month, a well-balanced emergency food box to individuals and families who live in Clark County.

Website: One Life
Address: 1801 Daniels St., Vancouver, WA 98660
Telephone: (360 904-1273
Washington Department of Social and Health Services
Organization: Washington Department of Social and Health Services

A comprehensive source to all health and social services provided by the State of Washington and Clark County.